OTB Hackathon

How to apply

To submit your application please email:


With the following details...

  • A team name
  • A list of all members details including:
    • Their full name
    • Their date of birth
    • Name of their educational institute
    • Their contact details (Email & Telephone)

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the competition, your team must:

  1. Consist of only members over 18 years old, as the Ibiza Rocks Hotels prize is an adult only hotel.
  2. Consist of at least 2 people, but no more than 4 people. There is only available space for 15 teams, and teams shall be considered in order of their application submission. (This means first-come, first-served for all eligible teams).
  3. Be made up exclusively of students (or recent graduates within one year of having graduated) who are not organisers, volunteers, judges, sponsors, or in any other privileged position at the event.

Please take the time to read both the Code of Conduct and the Hackathon Rules

We've been running Hack Week for around five years now and in that time it's helped us immeasurably, allowing us to investigate new technologies and techniques, through to encouraging team building, boosting morale and even helping us to understand how we want to design our working environment. At its heart, it's about encouraging collaboration and innovation, two of our core values at On the Beach. Plus it's a whole lot of fun!

Graham Hopkins
Head of Solution Design