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We Are Moving!

Our new 'campus style' digital headquarters in central Manchester is set to open in November 2018!

The multi-million pound refit is currently underway to create a space featuring a 250-seat auditorium and theatre, games room, open plan casual seating and lounge areas, library, music room and beach bar.....

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Hack Week

Twice a year we run our own internal Hack Week here at OTB. Employees from all over the business are invited to pitch ideas to the development department that will allow On the Beach to explore new technologies and to work even better. Run during the Autumn and Spring, this gives everyone a great opportunity to share ideas, work with new faces and try out new skills!
"We've been running Hack Week for around five years now and in that time it’s helped us immeasurably, allowing us to investigate new technologies and techniques through to encouraging team building and morale and even helping us to understand how we want to design our working environment. At its heart it’s about encouraging collaboration and innovation, two of our core values at OTB. Plus it’s a whole lot of fun!"
Graham Hopkins
Head of Solution Design